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How to get from the National airport Minsk (MSQ) to the city of Minsk and from the city of Minsk to National airport Minsk (MSQ)

Train Bus Route taxi Taxi
There are at least 4 ways to reach from the Minsk-2 airport (The national airport "Minsk" of MSQ) the city of Minsk or back:
1. Train
2. Shuttle bus
3. Share taxi
4. Taxi

To what it is better to go from the airport to Minsk or from Minsk in the airport?

Each of options possesses the merits and demerits which are given below in the table. At a choice of a concrete type of transport it is necessary to weigh all nuances of this or that way of movement, such as, the price, time at ways, the schedule and others.
Type of transport Time in way, min. Distance, km. Number of flights per day, piece. Cost, bel. rub.
Train 70 66 5 25 000
Bus 50 - 60 45 23 32 950
Share taxi 45 45 13 - 14 35 000
Taxi 40 45 - from 400 000
The price is specified as of 07.02.2015.

In more detail about each type of transport it is possible to read having passed on links below.

Train Bus Route taxi Taxi

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