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It is known from the XIV century under the name of the Old Bykhov, from the XVI century it became a part of the Mstislavl military government of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the years 16101619 the Grand Lihuanian hetman Y. K. Hadkevich built a castle on the steep coast of Dnieper. The Old Bykhov became one of the most reinforced fortresses in the territory of the Republic of Belarus at that times. Here, during the RussianPolish war of the 16541667 years, at the town's siege I. Zolo-torenko, a comrade in arms of Bogdan Khmelnizky, was killed by the Rech Pospolitaya troops (1655). On the 23 of July, on his way to Kiev, Peter the First stopped on the Dnieper dock of Bykhov in order to agree with the fortress commandant Sinitsky on the alliance against Sweden.

A present-time Bykhov appears to be an administrative, economic and cultural district centre with the population of more than 17 thousand people. In the town "The Bykhov canning-vegetables drying factory" Open Joint-Stock Company, "Dneprovskoe" Industrial Republican Unitary Trust, a bread factory, "Bykhovmoloko" Open Joint-Stock Company, the metal goods factory, "Belatmit" Foreign Enterprise and the others operate. Among the ancient points of interest, only two monumental stone constructions feudal lord castle and a synagogue (the beginning of the XVII century) have survived with significant losses.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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