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Diatlovo was mentioned in the written sources for the first time in the years 14401450 under the name Zdzetzel. In the year 1498 great prince Aleksander granted the Zdzetzel District to hetman K. I. Ostrozhsky with the right of a small town foundation. In the XV the first half of the XVI century it made part of the Troksk Province. From the year 1566 it had been a small town. From the year 1791 it made part of the Lithuanian government and from the year 1801 of the Grodno government. Until the year 1939 it made part of Poland. From the end of the year 1939 it made part of the BSSR.

A contemporary Diatlovo appears to be a town with the population of more than 9 thousand people. Here the following enterprises operate: a cheese factory, a cooperative industry combine, "Stroikomplex", a branch office of the Slonim Works of the ferroconcrete constructions and other enterprises.

Nowadays the following architectural monuments have been preserved: the Blessed Virgin Assumption Roman Catholic Church of the XVII century, a prayer house of the beginning of the XIX century, a Palace of the XVIII century. One could be impressed by the following objects: the Geor-gievskaya Church ( the year 1866, village Bol'shaya Volya ), the Geor-gievskaya Church (the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX centuries, village Gorka), a water mill (the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX centuries, village Dvorets).

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