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The town of Dzerzhinsk (till 1923 Koydanovo) is known from the 12th century as the village of Krutugor'ye in Polotsk and later Minsk Principality. In 1326 it became a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. During Reformation the town was a Calvinists' residence. In 1793 it passed to Russian Empire and was a seat of one of districts of Minsk uyezd (district).

During 1812 Patriotic War on the 15th of November Russian troops under the command of admiral P.V.Chichagov defeated 5-thousand Napoleon's troop near Koydanovo. Nowadays Dzerzhinsk is the administrative, economical and cultural center of Dzerzhinsk district. There are large enterprises in the town, such as research mechanical, motor repair plants, "Remdetal" factory, flax-scutching mill, bread-baking plant, clothes factory and textile mill.

A number of architectural sights have remained: St. Anna Catholic Church (the second half of XVIII century), Orthodox Church (1850). There is a site of ancient settlement (XIIXIII century), country estate (the village of Volma, XIX century), country estate and a park with wing and former library building (1880s) in the village of Stan'kovo on the south-eastern side of the city.

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