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It is known as a court of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the written sources starting from the first part of the XV century. In the second part of the XVI century it was one of the Arians centers (one of the Protestantism trends), making part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Here an Arians publishing house and a school were located, the rector of which was E. L. Namyslovskiy in the years 15851593.

Starting from the year 1921 it made part of Poland. From the year 1939 it made part of the BSSR. From the 15th of January 1940 it is a town village, a regional center.

Nowadays about 9 thousand people reside in a town village Ivie. The most prominent enterprises are the following ones: the Regional Village Economic Chemistry, a bread factory, a canning factory and the others. There are the following architectural monuments: the monastery of Bernardines (the first third of the XVII century) with the Petropavlovskiy Roman Catholic Church (the end of the XVXVII centuries), a Mosque (the year 1884, still operates), a church (the year 1994).

In the Region the following points of interest have been preserved: the Nikolaevsky Roman Catholic Church (the year 1519, village Belyi Bereg), the Mary Roman Catholic Church (the year 1772, village Dudy), the Country Estate (the years 1870, village Zhamyslovl), the Semenovsky Roman Catholic Church ( 1904, village Lazduny ), a prayer house (the second part of the XIX century beginning of the XX century) and the Kazimirovsky Roman Catholic Church (the beginning of the XX century) in the village Lapnishki, the Nikolaevskaya Church (the beginning of the XX century, the village Morina).

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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