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Kopyl is first mentioned in written sources in 1069 on the pages of Galitsko-Volynskaya chronicle. When listing near and far towns the chronicle refers Kopyl as a town of Kiev Principality. Since 1320s Kopyl was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Throughout centuries princes of Kopyl were fighting against Catholicism, defending Orthodox belief and maintaining close relations with Moscow and Kiev.

Prince Semyon Michailovich and his retinue defeated Tatar troop, which appeared near the board of Slutsk and Kopyl Principalities; he again defeated Tatars on the Pripyat' River in 1503. His wife Anastasiya Ivanovna headed fighting against Tatars in 1506. In 1652 Magdeburg rights, seal and emblem, bearing a picture of hunter's horn against a golden background, were granted to Kopyl.

In 1977 there were about 6 thousand people in Kopyl. Kopyl became a town on the 29th of April, 1984. Industries include creamery, bread-baking plant, and cooperative industrial center. Orthodox Church (XIX century) is a place of interest. Catholic Church (the second half of XVIII century, wooden) in the village of Telyadovichy is also of historical value.

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