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Krugloe has been known from the middle of the XVI century as a private owned village. During the Patriotic War of the year 1812, a headquarters of the Russian troops headed by M. I. Kutuzov were located over there. A present-day Krugloe appears to be an administrative and an economical-cultural centre of the Krugloe district with the population of 7,6 thousand people. The district industry is represented by 3 enterprises: the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Krugloe flax factory", "Argon" Commercial Unitary Industrial Enterprise, "The Cooperative industrial combine" Unitary Private Industrial Enterprise of the Krugloe district Industrial Association.

The land of Krugloe is proud of its celebrated compatriots' names, among which there are the Russian army generals M. G. Chernyaev, I. K. So-kolovsky, I. V Romeyko-Gurka, painter N. V Neverov and the others.

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