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In the middle of XV century there was a borough lying along the Bobr River, situated in Orsha uyezd (district) of Vitebsk province of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1793 the small town was annexed by Russian Empire. A railway branch Moscow-Brest was paved near the town in 1871. Match factory was founded in 1896 (there were 52 workers in 1900). A saw-mill was built in 1900 (16 workers).

In 1977 the population was about 5 thousand. In 1900 Krupky became a town. It is the administrative centre of a district.

Industries include woodworking, flax-scutching mill, forestry, fruit and vegetables processing. Memorials, dedicated to USSR heroes A.F. Kolesova, U.M. Mar-tinkevich, space pilot VVKovalyonok, are established in Krupky. Country estate in the modernist style (the beginning of XX century, bricks) has survived. Wooden Bogoroditskaya Church (2nd half of XIX century) in the village of Hodovcy is of historical value.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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