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Luninets has been known from 1449 under the name of Mahyj Lounin and had belonged to gentlefolk. The modern name was given to it in 1561. From 1793 Louninets had been part of Russia in the Pinsk district of the Minsk province. In 1842 the town was passed to the Treasury and its inhabitants were transferred into the category of State peasants. At a later time Louninets had grown due to construction of the Polesye railroad. In February 1919 Louninets became one of the most important defense strongholds at the Western front during the advance of the Polish troops. From February 1921 Louninets has had the status of a town. From 1940 it had been the centre of the district and from March 7, 1963 it has been the town subordinated to oblast authorities.

Today the population of Louninets is about 25 thousand people. The following enterprises operate in the town: "The Polesyeelectromash" plant, a repair and mechanical plant, "The Louninetsky Dairy Plant" Shareholding Partnership and "The Louninetsles" Shareholding Partnership. The leading enterprise is an exporting one and is called "The Granit" Republican Unitary Production Enterprise.

There is an architectural monument preserved in Louninets and this is the church of Erection of the Cross (the beginning of the XX century). УП "Брестоблтелеком"

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