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For the first time it was mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in the year 1252 (the annalistic Novogorod, Novgorodok). In the second part of the XIII century, it formed part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, representing, while over there, one of important and prominent towns, what was witnessed by the privileges of the great prince in the year 1441. Here the Seyms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania were carried out three times. Starting from the year 1416 Novogrudok became a residence of the Orthodox metropolitan of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (in the year 1568, 10 orthodox churches were in it). In the year 1511 it obtained the Magdeburg right. In the beginning of the XVI century, the Crimean Tatars attacked Novogrudok several times but they didn't manage to seize it.

Starting from the year 1920 it formed part of Poland, from the year 1939 of the BSSR. From the 15th of January 1940 it is a regional center.

Nowadays Novogrudok is a town with the population of about 31 thousand people. The industry is represented by 14 enterprises. The most prominent of them are the following ones: the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Novogrudok Gas Apparatus Factory", the Republican Unitary Enterprise "The Novogrudok Sewing Factory", the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Novogrudok Creamery Factory".

In Novogrudok the following points of interest have been preserved: the Boris and Gleb Church (the year 1519), the Roman Catholic Church (the years 1712 1723), the Mikhailovskiy Roman Catholic Church (1624), the Castle Ruins (it was built in two phases, starting from the XIII until the XVI century), the Nikolaevskaya Church (1780), the Hill of Mindovg (according to the local legends, prince Mindovg was buried over there the founder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania), a mosque (1855).

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