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Rechitsa is first mentioned in the 1st Novgorod manuscript as a town in the principality of Chernigov. Since the XIV century it was a part of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. In 1392Ч1430 Rechitsa was ownership of the Great Duke of Lithuania Vitovt. Since 1561 Rechitsa had Magdeburg rights.

In 1919 Rechitsa was a part of Gomel province in Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Since January of 1926 it was a part of Byelorussian Soviet Republic as a district center. Since 1958 it is a city. The population of contemporary Rechitsa is above 66 000. There is a teacher's training college, an agricultural secondary school, the state technical school є 178.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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