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For the first time it was mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in the year 1252 as Uslonim. Starting from the second part of the XIII century, it formed part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. On behalf of the great ptince, the town was governed by a village elder.

The economical rise of Slonim is connected with the activity of village elder Mikhail Kazimir Oginsky, who, in the second part of the XVIII century founded here his residence, established a publishing house, Oginsky's theatre, a chapel, built the Slonim textile mills, the Oginsky's channel.

Nowadays Slonim is a regional center, one of the most developed cities in the Grodno Area from the industrial point of view. Here the enterprises of the light, local, wooden and metal processing industries, of the construction materials, of the food and meat dairy industries are located.

The land of Slonim is rich with the cultural-historical heritage. In the village Zhirovichi, which is situated 10 kilometers far from the town, the pilgrims and tourists from all parts of the world come every year. The preserved architectural monuments are the following ones: the Georgievskaya (Yurievskaya) Church (the XVIII century), the Saint Assumption Cathedral (the middle of the XVII century), the Exaltation of the Cross Church (the year 1769), the Yavlenskaya Church (the year 1672), a bell tower (the beginning of the XIX century), a residential building of the monastery (XVII the beginning of the XVIII centuries), seminary building and the bishop's administration (the XVIII century), the household buildings (the XVIII century), a saint spring with an open pool.

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