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In early XVII century Stolbtsy was a borough of Minsk uyezd (district). In 1729 Magdeburg rights were granted to Stolbtsy. In 1793 Stolbtsy passed to Russian Empire, on the 12th of December it became a center of a volost (smaller district) of Minsk uyezd.

In 1869 a public school for boys was opened, in 1875 — a school for girls. In 1871 because of Moscow-Brest railroad construction a railway station "Stolbtsy" was built two kilometers away from the town. In 1874 a match factory was established. In 1886 the population was 1070, there were 186 houses, 2 churches, a synagogue, a school and 20 shops in Stolbtsy. Since March, 1921 Stolbtsy was a part of Poland.

On the 17th of September, 1939 Stolbtsy became a part of BSSR, its population was about 8 thousand. On the 15th of January Stolbtsy became a center of Stolbtsy district.

Nowadays Stolbtsy is a beautiful town with population about 17 thousand. Industries include bread-baking plant, milk plant, fruit and vegetable processing plant, forestry, brickworks, "Nemansky" enterprise, producing fuel briquettes, JSC "Agromashzapchast", service center.

A number of architectural sights have remained: St. John the Baptist's Birth Orthodox Church (1742), St.Pious Anna Orthodox Church (1825), Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Orthodox Church (1590), Great Martyr Georgy Pobedonosets Orthodox Church (1905), Peter and Paul Catholic Church (built in XVI century as Calvin Catholic Church), Annunciation Catholic Church (1590), St. Joseph Catholic Church (1911, the village of Rubezhevichy), St. Jesus Heart Catholic Church (1925), St. Maria Taken To The Sky Catholic Church (1935).

Akinchitsy is a place of birth of the eminent Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas. In 1982 the country estate-memorial "Akinchitsy" was opened; over there you can see a hut, where Yakub Kolas was born. In 2001 The International Peace Committee declared Stolbtsy a Town of Peace.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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