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Svetlogorsk was known since the XVI century as the village of Shatilkovichi (later — Shatilki) in Rechitsa district in the Great Duchy of Lithuania. Since 1924 the borough of Shatilki is a center of a village district in Parichi district, Bobruysk region. Since 30.12.1956 it was a town, since June 1960 it was a center of Parichi district. 29.07.1961 it was renamed to Svetlogorsk, and Parichi district received the name Svetlogorsk district. Since 1963 Svetlogorsk is a city.

The republic unitary enterprise "Khimvolokno" (man-made fiber) and Svetlogorsk pulp and cardboard plant compose a base of industrial potential of Svetlogorsk district. These enterprises produce above 90% from all industrial production (as well as export delivery and consumer's goods) of the district.

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