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Uzda is known since 1450 as a Korsakov's court in Minsk uyezd (district) of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Since XVI Uzda was held in turn by Kovechinskys, Zavishovs, Krasinskys. In 1572 Symon Budny had been living in Uzda while printing The Bible. In 1793 Uzda passed to Russian Empire and was a center of a volost (district) of Igumensky uyezd. In the 1ts half of XIX Russian General K. Zavisha built a wooden Catholic Church in Uzda, which had survived till now. In 18291830 a publishing house of I.Pres was active here.

Nowadays Uzda is a beautiful modern town, the administrative, economical an cultural center of Uzda district; its population is about 10 thousand.

Industries include Joint Enterprise "Reylit", clothes factory, milk and bread -baking plants, experimental potatoes products plant. Among architectural sights are Catholic Church of the I half of XIX century, Peter and Paul Orthodox Church of the middle of XIX century, crypt of the end of XIX century. Besides some sight in the district have survived: Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (the 2nd half of XIX century, wood and bricks, the village of Ozero), Catholic Church (the middle of XVI century), country estate with wings (the 1" half of XIX century) in the village of Pervomaysk, Orthodox Church of the 2nd half of XIX century in the village of Khotlyany.

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