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Vetka was found in 1685 as outskirts of town by Russian Old Believers who found there a refuge from persecutions of authorities of tsarist Russia. During some years Vetka has become a large religious and economical center. In the XVIII century Vetka was a large town settlement which had self-government and many trade contacts. It was surrounded by numerous outskirts of town, monasteries and hermitages which were centers propagating literature, developing art and painting. Original iconography and manuscript designing originated in Vetka. In 1774 Emelyan Pugachev found in Vetka a refuge from persecutions.

Nowadays Vetka is a beautiful, cozy town with population about 8 000. Citizens of Vetka are particularly proud for Vetka State Museum of Folk Art which is situated in the former merchant mansion from the XIX century. Museum exposition, originated from the collection of F. P. Shklyarov, includes 5 600 exhibits representing folk culture and life, traditional art and trades of Vetka region.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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