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Zhabinka belongs to settlements that emerged in the last quarter of the XIX century in connection with the construction of the Moscow-Brest railroad. They had built the railway station named Zhabinka, in the vicinity of which a settlement had been established that grew significantly after 1882 when a portion of the Polesye's railroad had been constructed to connect Zhabinka and Pinsk.

From 1940 Zhabinka had been the centre of the district and from 1970 it has had the status of a town. At present 13 thousand people live in Zhabinka. Its industry is represented by "The Zhabinkovsky Sugar Factory" OJSC, "The Zhabinkovsky Mixed Fodder Plant" OJSC, "The Cooperative Industry Centre" as a branch of the Zhabinkovsky Regional Consumer Society.

In the district the following churches are under protection of the State and the Society for protection of historical and cultural monuments: the Saint Transformation church in the village of Khmelevo, the Saint John Predtecha's church in the village of Matievichi, the Saint Nikita's church in the village of Zditovo, the Saint Assumption church in the village of Boulkovo, the Saint Vladimir's church in the village of Chizhevshchina, etc.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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